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Food Distribution during Covid

2021 was a year of hope for Savitri’s family. After all the suffering and hardship they went through during the first wave of COVID-19, they were looking forward to a kinder year. Fewer people were sick around them. It seemed that the pandemic was finally loosening its grip on society. They hoped to finally return to normalcy, the reassuring stability of ordinary life. But that was not meant to be.

Savitri’s kitchen which fed 6 souls was about to run out of necessities. The bare minimum provisions, that the meager money from her former employers could only buy enough to sustain them for a week. She had already asked them for help, and for employment twice. They offered some money but ultimately didn't employ them back.

Hers was a family that sustained themself on the earnings of Savitri and her Husband Tilak. Savitri worked as a house help, Tilak was a daily wage labourer. They have been unemployed since the advent of the pandemic. They were helped financially during the first wave by their former employers but they refused to employ them again for the fear of contagion due to their living situation in a slum. But as the second wave began, they were stranded with no jobs or help. In a hellish situation with the risk of starvation as high as the risk of disease, Savitri was at the end of her rope.

Hope was not completely lost. In this terrible situation, HRhelpdesk Trust stepped in to help. Hearing about the awful situation, the trust decided to help by providing food and help. The trust distributed meal kits to all the families in the slum. The kits containing provisions, such as rice, dal , rava, oil, soaps, toothbrushes etc ,were distributed several times throughout the second wave, until the people's financial situation stabilized. Additional help for the payment of bills and hospital costs was also provided.

Hundreds of families, like Savitri's, were able to survive the second wave due to the efforts of many NGOs like the HRhelpdesk Trust, who stepped in and helped those who would have fallen through society's safety nets.

We strive to provide dignity where we can.