Making the voice of women heard

Women have to struggle for some of the basic tenants of living. Whether it be as basic as awareness or whether it be as basic as prioritizing their own life over that of others.
Amarpreet started working on making women aware of a simple aspect, that is their work rights at the workplace, her belief was that if women can be financially independent, they can do things or activities which have them at the centre, her intention was for Women to consider them also as individuals rather than machines designed to support others existence.
Over the years, Amarpreet started realizing that the concept of being human isn't easily understood by both women and the society, hence the journey started of making women aware of their rights, preparing them to handle the world and presenting the world with reality check by doing many data-based studies on how women are treated.
In March 2018, a legal shape was given to this initiative, and an NGO was launched, primarily to ensure that the dream which Amarpreet has is accomplished.
We work in ensuring Dignified and Equal work rights for Women.


Women Helpline

The dedicated women helpline Guides women and girls on how to handle the situation they seek assistance on. Further, how to take the next course of action, either by going to police or going to a relevant NGO in their location for solutions


Awareness & Education

Make the voice of women and girls heard and spread awareness about their rightful place in the society. We educate women and girls on their legal rights, employment options, health matters, skill options and provide them with a platform to voice their views and opinions


Livlihood and Distress Aid

Provide material support when women and girls are in need of financial or emotional assistance .

| About Mahilabol

Dignified and Equal Work Rights for Women is an aspiration we want to make a reality, we believe that in order to bring about a sustainable change in our society, we need to focus on dignity, equality, and the workplace. Help us spread the message and be the change

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Dignified and Equal Work Rights for Women


Amarpreet Kaur, releasing her book, Ansuna


Amarpreet Kaur

Amarpreet Kaur at New York, Goalkeepers


Amarpreet Kaur with Smt Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister of Women & Child Development, Government of India


Kiran Bedi extending her support to the project


Amarpreet Kaur with Crime Against Women Cell, Delhi Police

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Our Projects


Women Helpline 0124-4007444


Awareness & Education


Livlihood and Distress Aid


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Start your journey in making their voice heard

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Support Women Helpline

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Spread Awareness and Education

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Contribute to Distress and Livelihood aid

| Places we have reached

Places where we have reached women on the ground to contribute to providing dignified and equal work right for women


Amarpreet Kaur

On a mission to make the voice of women heard

“The trust is formed by Mrs. Amarpreet Kaur, who has been working for enhancing the way women are treated at their workplace. Right from the year 2010, when she started educating women on their work rights, she has counseled, trained, and mentored many women on their Work Rights. Whether it be maternity-related matters, equality, employment, medical, hygiene, discrimination, or sexual harassment, she has reached out to women across socioeconomic levels and across states, with the aim of making sure that their Voice is heard. ”