Guardian of Dreams: The Inspiring Journey of Suneeta

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of Noida, there lived a young girl named Suneeta(name changed). At the tender age of 17, she already bore the weight of responsibility on her slender shoulders. Suneeta's family wasn't wealthy; in fact, they were humble and hardworking. Her father, a dedicated night guard, kept watch over a residential society, ensuring the safety of its residents during the darkest hours. Her mother, a loving homemaker, tirelessly managed the household, keeping everything in order.

Suneeta was the eldest of her siblings, a position she found herself in after the tragic loss of her elder brother in an accident two years ago. Despite the adversity life had thrown her way, Suneeta carried herself with a charm and grace that was truly magical. Her radiant smile had the power to bring happiness to the face of anyone she conversed with.

Her day began early, at 4:30 in the morning. She rose with the first light of dawn, assisting her mother in preparing breakfast and ensuring their home was spotless. As the clock ticked towards 6:15, she transformed into a guardian angel for the children of Noida. Suneeta left for a prominent school where she served as a 'Suraksha' guard, protecting the little ones on the school bus. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and she made sure every child felt safe and cared for.

The children adored her, affectionately calling her 'didi.' Suneeta's daily ritual involved picking children from various societies, making sure they had their tiffin boxes and spreading joy wherever she went. She safely delivered them to school by 7:45.

After her morning duties, Suneeta diligently managed paperwork, keeping a meticulous record of the children on the bus. Then, she rushed to her college for her own education, pursuing her studies in Class 11. She was unwavering in her commitment to attend every class, determined not to miss a single one. Her college day concluded at 1, but there was no rest for the devoted guardian.

Suneeta hurried back to the school bus, resuming her role as the 'Suraksha' guard. Once again, she ensured that each child made it safely to their respective societies, often waiting with them if their parents were running late. Her day of service concluded around 3 pm, but she was far from done.

She returned to the school premises to meticulously complete her paperwork. At 3:30, she finally left the school to reach home by 4:15. After a quick lunch, she headed off to her tutoring session, which began at 5. Suneeta was humble enough to admit that she needed assistance in English and math, and her commitment shone through as she made strides in her studies.

By 7 pm, her tutoring was over, and she continued to another selfless endeavour. She offered her tutoring skills to a young child, a second-grader living close to her home. Her day didn't truly end until 8:30 when she returned home, where her mother eagerly awaited her to share the responsibility of serving dinner and tidying up the kitchen.

Only after these familial duties were complete did Suneeta find a moment to relax and engage in conversation with her family. It was a time for bonding and shared moments, a cherished respite before bedtime. As her family retired for the night, Suneeta embarked on another journey, one of self-improvement and relentless dedication.

She studied diligently until midnight, continually pursuing her dreams of becoming an IAS officer. Her ambition was not for herself alone, but for the betterment of society. Suneeta aspired to create opportunities, bringing employment to countless young individuals in her community.

Her story is a testament to the power of determination, kindness, and the ability to find joy even in the midst of a demanding life. Suneeta, the guardian angel of Noida, carried not only the hopes of her family but the dreams of a better future for all who crossed her path.

Life's Uplifting Lesson- The inspiring journey of Suneeta teaches us that unwavering determination, selflessness, and a boundless capacity for kindness can lead to the fulfilment of not only one's own dreams but also the upliftment of an entire community. Suneeta's story reminds us that regardless of the challenges we face, our actions can make a significant impact on the lives of others, and that by pursuing our dreams with dedication and a sense of service, we can create a better future for all.

Gitika Verma